Physicians and Technology

Since 1996 I have been in contact with doctors from various countries as clients – as customers of my web agency or as clients of my different online healthcare projects as (currently under construction), and

In the most cases technology is not their most popular topic. Having an own email address and an internet connection in the medical facility is already good. And that’s enough.

They don’t have to be technicians, right?

They are physicians. We are the technicians.

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As we have joined the digital health space with FetView, I think a short introduction of this new healthcare space is appropriate.

Some time ago I found a really good video by Paul Sonnier, which explains the basics of the digital health sphere.

What is digital health? Take a look:

For the ones, who do not know what the headline “#digitalhealth” means: This is a so called hashtag, that is used in the microblogging and social media space to “tag” a … read more

One of the Problems in Medicine: The Presentation of Findings

This post also available in german

My father provided me with insights into medicine early on. He is a practicing physician and we frequently discuss issues concerning medicine. One of the recurring topics is the presentation of findings.

When visiting a doctor, patients have to pay for more and more services themselves nowadays. Health insurance companies often cover only basic services – a fact that is unsatisfactory to many people. Thus, the only alternative is to pay for them oneself.

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What is the “New SEO”?

Last week I’ve posted an article on about the new Penguin update of Google and what does this mean to the SEO environment.

The penguin update of Google is maybe one of the most important ones, because it changes a lot. … read more

dotcom Group

I launched my first and own internet project in 1996. Since that time I have been working on my own projects, as a developer and/or team leader. 80% of the projects have been related to medicine/health. In the late 90′s we were pioneers and prime movers in the online health sector in Germany. Our services attracted some large pharmaceutical companies, such as Schering and Grünenthal, which we acquired as clients and later as collaborative partners.

In 2007 I founded sundastra GmbH in Zug (Switzerland) and … read more

Reminder: The tasks of a CEO

Almost two years ago Fred Wilson wrote a post about ‘What a CEO does‘. For me this post about the tasks of a CEO has been one of the best and most precise ones I have ever read.

Here are the three tasks according to Fred Wilson’s post:

  • Set the overall vision and strategy of the company and communicate it to all stakeholders
  • Recruit, hire and retain the very best talent for the company
  • Make sure there is always enough cash in the bank

In a nutshell:

  • Be the face of the company
  • Hire only the best people
  • Ensure cashflow

Sure, the smaller a company is the more tasks each team member has. In most cases it’s not possible that a CEO has just these kind of tasks, but has operative tasks as well.

I think it’s important to ask yourself regularly ‘What am I doing?’, it happens … read more

Donut Drift Guiness World Record

My instructor of drifting, Werner Gusenbauer, was a participant in the Donut Drift Guiness World Record on 16.06.12 at Nürburgring. And they have done it! Congratulations!

Here are two videos of how it looked … read more